Sunday, March 2

I did it! Just like I planned and wanted to. I spent the better part of the afternoon writing. I've pushed through the section I was avoiding because of my spotty memory, and I think I did an actually nice job of summarizing a summer that is a complete fog to me. I'm gaining confidence with this new kick of writing inspiration. I went in to writing about my Dad's death wanting to chronicle one year and I think I will remain with that and maybe summarize a kind of where I am now at the end. The point is, I'm close and I feel myself being able to finish writing it all down soon, and then the editing begins.
When I was antsy, I read some things on, and posed for some self portraits that capture me in my writing zone, I found a great new place to write, that doesn't require me schlepping myself to Starbucks so I can focus, that is a bit more comfortable than the living room and I get to look out our bedroom windows, most of all our bedroom always calms me and is a great place for writing.
The second Sunday posting of pictures in a row, maybe a I'll start a weekly thing...

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