Tuesday, February 19

The Happy List

Wedding Planning- seriously, I LOVE it
Renewing our Lease
Possibility of getting a dog in the Fall
Booking tickets and 1 of 2 hotel rooms for Hawaii Honeymoon- suggestions for staying in Maui welcome!
HG visit this weekend
New music (Sara Bareilles, Jack Johnson, Herbie Hancock)
2 Road Races and 2 Triathlons to come this year
Sfoglia in March (twice!)
And so much more...but I don't want to be "boasting"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds so wonderful! Glad things are going well.

Speaking of dogs and the fall....that is on my "to-do list." Money and locale will be a factor but, if we are both "with puppy" at the same time, we should have dog playdates!