Tuesday, October 16

Cool Hunting- I'm a Girl!

Okay- so when it comes to beauty stuff I'm a total girl and recently I've been discovering some great stuff with the help of glamour, vogue, etc which makes me even more of a girl. But regardless, I wanted to share it for my fellow girlie readers.

1. Olay Eye Lifting Serum: This stuff is amazing. When I read about it in Glamour (it was voted the best eye cream) I thought, hey that would be nice- have my eyes not look as tired and worn out as they've been lately. So I went and some that weekend, and I'm telling you this stuff works. My eyes are less puffy, the skin around them feels great, and I definitely don't look as tired in the mornings even when I'm getting now sleep. I'm totally hooked.

2. Aquaphor: I already love Eucerin lotion and so when I saw a piece about "what's in her handbag" in either Glamour or Vogue and read that some star always carries around Aquaphor (from the makers of Eucerin) and that it works at smoothing skin, healing cuts and avoiding chapped and dry skin I wanted to try it. I ordered a tub of it off Drugstore.com and used it eagerly the first night I had it. First of all it has a nice warming sensation as you put it on your skin, and it completely coats and soothes dry skin and keeps it moisturized for hours. I love it, I've only used it a couple of times, but mostly before bed and the next day my skin still feels soft, smooth and my typically dry skin isn't itchy at all. This will be a winter weather must use!

3. Revlon Lip liner: So, I'm typically a gloss and go girl- but lately I've been curious about trying some lip colors. I've always shyed away because I think lip stick makes my lips look weird and big, but after reading about the wonders of lip liners I wanted to give one a try. What I read recommended clear since you could use any color with it. The Revlon Lip liner is long lasting so I can keep reapplying all day and not have to worry about it. I did some experimenting after buying it with various shades of lipstick and so far, I love it. My lips look defined and not so weird and I've also found some great nude shades of lip color that will be perfect for fall.

4. Maybelline Brow Pencil: I have really really light eyebrows. I really don't think people even notice my brows, but I pluck them and keep them shaped nicely because I notice them. I've been told for years that I should get a brow pencil by make up savvy friends, but I just never got around to it. Well since I was stocking up on beauty products recently, I figured I'd try one and I love it. I recently darkened my hair and the brow pencil helps keep my brows along the same tone. It also defines them and makes them pop which adds something to my everyday make up look, perfect. There isn't any particular reason I chose the Maybelline pencil, but it is idiot proof and works great so I would definitely recommend it.

5. Schick Intuition Razor: Another blog I read mentioned this razor recently. Although I'd known about it, I just never bought it or thought to because my razor worked just fine. But when she mentioned that she can shave everyday in 2 minutes (Because all that shave gel application is no longer necessary) my interest was peeked. So, I bought one and I love it. It is so easy and quick to shave now and my skin feels great after. I feel like I got a razor upgrade!

So there you go, my inner most girl revealed to bring you products I hope you'll love to. Enjoy!

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