Wednesday, September 5

Black Dress

When she first walked in front of me I thought, "Damn, that girl is fierce." Then I started to look at her more closely and realized how opposite we were. She wore a flowy, but fitted black dress with a leather section on the back. I wore a simple cotton black dress. She was strutting down the pavement in knee high black stiletto boots, I was flopping along in black flip flops. Her head was shaved, my hair is past my shoulder blades. She carried a large designer black leather bag with gold buckles and zippers, I was clutching my small turquoise wallet.
I was really taking this in, thinking how different we were, how funny that she had stepped in front of me to walk down the same block and how immediately I had started to pick up our differences, but it was because of our similarities, both young women in black dresses walking on a cool September morning.
As we neared the coffee shop I was heading to, I thought how cool it would be if she walked in, and then she did and held the door for me.
We both ordered iced coffees. I noticed the tag on the shirt she had under the dress, H&M, the tank top I wore under my dress was H&M too. She got her coffee first and left the chocolate they give you with your order, I did the same. I was still lost in thought before I realized she had already quickly walked out.
As I headed back to the office I thought about how in a city so big and diverse there are still the small things that connect us, and maybe we aren't so different after all.
Although, she put sugar in her coffee, and I never do.

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