Thursday, July 12

Warp Speed

I move fast, but everyone moves fast in NY so generally I don't notice it so much. Lately I've noticed how fast I'm trying to move in relation to how slow the people around me seem to be moving, generally they are moving into my way so that helps with the noticing. Have I sped up?
My Mom stayed in our apartment when we were in Mexico, she loves NYC and jumped at the chance to have our apartment to herself (and her two friends) for a weekend. My Mom also moves fast, and in Concord, NH it is like warp speed. She commented to me several times after being here for the weekend how great it felt to be moving fast and have no one notice, because they're all moving fast too. Generally I agree.
But, as I said, lately I must be going a true warp speed because I'm bumping into people, falling over myself to get around them, walking in the street to avoid masses of slowpokes, etc. What's up with that? I noticed it Tuesday as I walked to work. I thought, "hmm, am I really walking so fast or are there just more slow people around me?" I know what you're thinking, its the tourists, but I live on the UES, there aren't really tourists up here at 9:20AM, are there?
Then today as I was heading into train I almost pushed the man in front of me to get him to move down the stairs, couldn't go around him he was too big and there were people coming up). Once he finally got down the stairs I had to make a quick football like move to get around his big frame instead of either bump into him, bump into the wall or wait behind him as he slowly took out his card and moved toward the gate.
I sighed as I walked onto the platform and started to fast walk to my spot. Then, in front of me I saw a grandmother walking hand and hand with her granddaughter. I watched as she looked down at her with the biggest and most genuine smile on her face, such a look of love and devotion that I slowed down.
"Wow," I thought, "Look how happy she is to just be in this moment sharing it with her granddaughter."
I walked at a normal pace, passing them as they sat on the bench near my spot. Maybe I have been walking too fast, maybe I needed to slow down, maybe all the slower people around me were little signals singing Simon and Garfunkel to me, "Slow down, you move too fast..."
I guess sharing that moment in the grandmother, granddaughter relationship, clearly a purely loving and tender one, is what it took. People around me walking too slowly aren't going to do it, its the people around me, who they are and what they can share with me, that will.

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The Cajun Boy said...

i almost ran over an entire family today who were walking six abreast down 14th st. yeah, i'm that asshole.