Wednesday, July 18

Rainy Omens and Selflessness

I woke up at 3 wondering what the noise was. It was the big round drops of rain on our AC unit. I pulled the shade out a bit and looked out the window. Ick.
I woke up again at 8 and hit snooze, 5 times. Ick.
When I finally got up, I had to turn on the light to get dressed, thus waking Matt up way before he probably wanted to, "No, its okay, I should get up, its okay." That's why I love him.
I had already planned on wearing a dress, Thank God. Jeans don't cut it in this weather, you'll be soaked to the mid thigh by the time you reach the subway.
I walked outside and put up my umbrella, it would be helpless in this downpour, but I tried anyway. I turned around at the end of my block. I walked inside and buzzed upstairs, "Will you bring me down my raincoat?" Again, this is why I love him.
When he opened the door to hand it to me, I asked, "Wanna drive me to 86th St?" I was mostly kidding and he said no anyway. He's not completely selfless, but who is?
The rain had let up at that point, so it wasn't as bad as I thought anyway.
As soon as I signed on to email when I got to work I got a gchat: "I feel so guilty. As soon as you left I thought, oh man I should drive her and tried to call." Okay, this is why I love him.

But besides the complete selflessness of my boyfriend that makes me adore him, I should have known the rain was a sign.

Tonight my 6 train pulled into 14th st. and there was a 4 waiting across the platform, the typical train switching happened, and both sat, doors open. First they told everyone the 4 train was out of service. So they all go on our 6. Then they told us the 6 was out of service, so we all got off. THEN they told us there were no east-bound trains running. So we all left the station.
Crap. At least it wasn't raining anymore. I had to cancel my plans and feared I'd have to venture to a bus... a bus?? I'd never taken one of those, how does it work here!!
Luckily again, my there in a call boyfriend looked up that the NRQW's were running, so I got on a surprisingly not too crowded one and, I think, got to the last 6 train out of 59th st. And, when I got home sweaty and tired, he had already turned the AC on in the bedroom for me.
So, although the rain turned out, as I feared, to be a bad sign, there was some silver lining on the clouds.
God, that was cheesy.
But, in all seriousness- I feel for the people that were truly affected by the transformer explosion.

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