Saturday, June 30

I want what I have

Lovely summer days with a light breeze through my hair
To be recognized for my writing
A fresh manicure so I don't pick at my nails
A good camera
To take great pictures
A clean apartment
A lovely closet and everything organized
Antiqued frames with pictures of flowers hanging on a previously blank wall
Comforting linens
A venti iced anything to hold as I run errands
Blooming orchids
Vases of flowers
Enough money
Arms full of fresh things; vegetables, flowers, fruits
Nights of entertaining friends
Veggies and dip
Full wine glasses and delicious foods
Warm, wet, passionate kisses
Full journals and sore hands
To be thin
Alcohol induced buzzes and a table of good friends to share in it
An always made bed that I can't wait to unmake as I climb into it
The seasons to change on time
To devour books, so I can read them all
To send and receive cards and letters
To do lists with things crossed off
Weekends with nothing to do

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