Wednesday, June 27

Everybody Poops

Monday night, we lay in bed together. You pretending you're going to bed in order to sneak in some pillow talk with me. Me, knowing you are pretending and letting you come chat with me as it helps me fall asleep, until you are too chatty and I have to kick you out of bed. But anyway.
I fantasize with you about our upcoming CFW (commitment free weekend) also our 7 year anniversary weekend. I declare that Sunday will be the day.
"I'll wake up, and we'll go get bagels. Then, I'll work out, come back, clean up, shower and then get into bed. Well, maybe I'll go for a run first, and you can go get bagels.."
"No," You interupt, "We have to get the bagels together, that's part of the thing." "Okay, you're right. I'll go work out, we'll get bagels, come back here, clean and then get into bed."
"What about taking a dump?" You joke.
"I don't take dumps."
"You don't?"
"No, I poop."
"Oh, just poop? How does that work?"
"Every morning, I get up, I putter around until I'm ready and then I poop. Then I get ready for work, and leave. When I get to work, I have my coffee and then I poop again."
"You only poop twice a day?"
"Yes. I don't use it for sport like you do."
You crack up, loving that we're talking about poop.
"Oh bear."
"I might make this a blog."
You laugh again.

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ThursdayNext said...

I think the true test of love is being able to talk about bodily functions together! Thankfully, my beau bringing it up has passed the test. :)