Tuesday, June 5

Bedroom Window

At night the buildings look like a stage backdrop. The light of the city mixed with moon light filtered by darkness falls just so that they're muted and almost look fake. Some lights stay on well into the night, but not so many that it over exposes the picture and causes them to stick out, more real than they are. The world is my stage, I suppose. And, if I'm continuing down that path is the bedroom where the main action takes place? Its where I found myself lately doing my best thinking. Just laying in my bed, staring out into the night, letting the thoughts melt into me, around me, out of me.

When I lay flat against the bed, my head hilted towards the window I can look up through the last fire escape and see the bursts of blue sky, bright against the rusty green of metal. A fitting juxtaposition to city and nature. I find my body yearns for the green of grass, ongoing neverending grass, and the blue of sky, unbroken big country skies, the comforts that natural setttings provide. Yet I feel at home in this city, THE city. Maybe the mixture is just right here, enough vibrance and ongoing "stuff" to keep me statisfied and the bursts of nature and sky just outside my bedroom window give me comfort and cleaner air to breathe. The gardens behind our apartment are no blooming with life and spring time greens. The trees cover most of the outdoor living spaces and if we open the windows at night wind chimes lull us to sleep, masking any city noises. Maybe it is just the right blend. As I lay and look out I see a flicker of black wing and beak against the green tree, I just miss it in my vision as I move fully into unobstructed view to catch it.

With the window open last weekend I could hear voices mixing together with music, a party in a back yard patio. What a perfect way to spend an early June night, sitting together with buildings rising above you and trees blocking the views from windows. Good food, good drinks and most of all good company. Maybe I could live here into my adult years, although a patio would have to be part of the deal.

A balloon floats into the sky above, lost from a child's grip.

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