Tuesday, April 10


“Do I have any famous relatives?”

“Do you? How could this possibly be coming up?”

“I’m doing a MySpace survey.”

“Oh, okay. Do you?”

“I don’t think so.”


“How do you spell Geometry?”

“G, E, O, M, E, T, R, Y.”


“What was the weather like on my birthday?”

“ahhhh, I have no idea. We were at your house, right? I think it was fine, but I don’t really recall.”

“It wasn’t snowy or anything, was it?”

Shakes head no

unrecognizable mumbling

“What honey?”

“It was in that add, you weren’t paying attention.”


“Am I moody?”

“Are you moody?”


“uhhh, I don’t know." Pause "A little bit. Yeah, I’d say you’re a little bit moody.”

“Good answer.”

“Good answer?”


“Okay, I’ll take that.”

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