Sunday, March 18

A Week

How long is a week, really? You always hear people saying things like,

"This week is flying by!"

"I feel like this week has lasted forever!"

"Is this week over yet?"

"I've been one day ahead all week!"

And what makes them short, long, fast forwarded, put in slow mo? Sometimes having something in the middle of the week you're looking forward to makes it go by quickly for me. I usually have plans on Thursday nights, and some weeks the week will fly to Thursday. I also find that when I have a weekend of no plans, the week is all of a sudden over and I'm left to think, "hmm what am I going to do?" But then there will be average, basic, plain weeks that fly and crawl, sometimes at the same time. So is there any predicting if a week will be over before you know it?

I ask because I'm curious how this upcoming week will be. A week that ends in a drive to NYC where I'll be staying for more than a weekend visit.

I've been telling people, "This week is going to fly by." But what if it doesn't. What if I don't want it to. Can I stop it? I've been pretty bad at living in the moment lately, maybe this week I need to put in an effort to do that. Maybe because I'm so looking forward to Saturday, but so wanting to get in all I need to before I leave, time with friends, packing, breathing, the week will go at just the right speed and I'll be satisfied with all I've done and Saturday will get here just fast enough.

I guess I have to wait a week and see.

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