Sunday, March 11


I haven't done a very good job of living in the moment lately. Something I was told this summer, from people, books, etc was to live each day to its fullest. Live in each moment, don't try to take anything too quickly or rush through how I was feeling, just live, in each moment.

I haven't been doing that lately. I was standing at the kitchen counter, putting my lunch together for work and thinking, "Is it Friday yet? Is this week over yet?" And then in the car, driving home, later in the day, I thought, "I haven't been doing a good job of living in the moment." I've got one date locked in my head, March 24th. Its when I move to NYC, its when I will start to slow down again and be moment to moment. Now I'm just Friday to Friday, or lease signing day to move in day.

Sure, I'm skipping over moments that matter, but I'm also slowing down and really living in moments that matter too. Like sitting at the bar at the Legal's in the Charles Sq. laughing with Sara and Ashley. Knowing I'll miss these moments when I'm 4 hours away, knowing I should enjoy this time, and I did, I fully lived it, forgot what time it was, forgot that Matt was driving to Somerville as I enjoyed it, forgot what I was looking forward to, for that moment.

Maybe because I know I'm flying through the day to day right now, its okay, maybe I am taking in what matters as I push through, my mind, eyes, body fixed on moving to NY to be with Matt, no end date in sight. Maybe I should focus on what this moment means, Matt's here now, who cares that we'll be together permanently in two weeks, I should spend this moment with him.

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