Thursday, November 23


When I logged into Google this morning in the "How To" section, the first link was an article on "How to be Thankful". I hope there aren't many people out there clicking on it this morning.

I am thankful for knowing how to be thankful.

Even though I want to avoid the "Lets go around the table and each say what we're thankful for" moments, I am thankful... for my family, my friends, for all the things I have that I know not many others have access too.

The sky is bright blue, the clouds pure white, the evergreens pop against the fall sky and even the grass is still green. The sun is starting to shine over our yard and house. Its a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. Still, when I walked through the Tower Room this morning, where I now sit, and looked out across the forming day I felt saddness... saddness at what I'm missing, what Dad's missing. So I'll take the day in for both of us, so in a way he won't miss it and maybe I won't miss him as much... I am thankful for knowing how much he would have loved this day, how he would have gone out running this morning and exclamined how beautiful it was out.

There's a turkey to prep, veggies to cut and potatoes to mash... I set the table last night. Pictures to follow...

Happy Thanksgiving.

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