Thursday, October 26

I'm looking more pretty

A woman at work stopped me in the bathroom the other day, she had something work related to tell me but before she started she said, "You've looked really pretty recently." I probably cocked my head and said something like, "aww, thank you."

I left the bathroom obviously feeling really nice, wow- I look pretty lately. Okay.

Driving to the gym after work I thought, hmm, I have been putting more effort into what I'm wearing, and I've been wearing make up everyday... maybe thats it. I told my Mom about it on the phone later that night, she added that I probably do look better- people have told her she looks much better and several people have commented that her voice sounds different. Maybe a bit of the color has come back to my face and I probably look a little less tired. It is an upward trend, things do get easier, life goes on and you keep living it and go back to living it a bit more fully.

Its definitely motivated me to keep up my appearance, I want to keep looking pretty, maybe more so each day. Its added some motivation back into my mornings, and that's a good thing.

"I feel pretty... oh so pretty... "

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