Monday, July 31

Have the Energy to Clean your house and your Teeth while you Save Money and Write smoothly...

Some more products I'm very excited about!

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:

This product is amazing. I think my roommates’ Mom first introduced it to me when we were moving into our apartment a couple of years ago. It removes everything and so easily. You don't have to fuss with spraying something on a surface, getting a sponge wet, wiping it up, rinsing the sponge, wiping the surface some more, trying to get all the soap out of the sponge and off of the surface, etc. You just get it wet, squeeze it dry, and wipe the surface clean. It slowly disintegrates as you use it, so you don’t' even have to worry about is it dirty? Can I still use it? It’s the perfect tool for renters since it cleans up left over grime on all bathroom surfaces, in the fridge and on counter tops. Seriously- go get one today.

2. Crest Whitestrips:

These really do work. I can't vouch for any of the other tooth whitening products. But I've used these on two occasions, actually just finishing up my second time using them, and I really notice a difference. The whitening lasts too. I did them about 10 months ago, and my teeth really had retained the whiteness. I decided to do them again to encourage the Boy to do it with me. He'd never done any kind of whitening before and they've really worked on his teeth too- so it’s not just me! I don't remember if it was the whitestripe commercials that make it seem like you can go about your normal business with them in- but you can't. I usually do them in the morning on the drive to work and then at night before bed. They are a little unwieldy to put on and your teeth are really gooey after you take them off, but you get the hang of it and it’s worth it. So if you're thinking about doing some teeth whitening, try 'em out!

3. Dunkin Donuts Turbo Iced Coffee:

I know this isn't anything new or unknown for most people, so maybe it doesn’t' qualify as cool-hunting... however I really do find that this helps me get my day started. Having that shot of espresso really makes a difference for me. Lately I've been going to bed later and waking up later, so I really don't have time to wake up and move slowly in the mornings. Having this to drink at my desk really perks me up, and helps to hide the fact that I'm not quite awake yet!

4. ING Direct Savings Accounts:

You've probably seen the commercials with the orange ball and though, huh that's cool, like I did and then did nothing about it. Well, I finally opened one up a couple of years ago and it’s been great! The interest rate keeps going up, and it is so easy to transfer money in and out of it. You can also set up an automatic withdrawal which is perfect for me, because I don't have to think about saving money it’s doing it for me! I highly encourage you to check ING out, and if you want I can send you a referral so we'll both make money if you open an account!

5. Uni-Ball Vision Exact Pens:

I'm a dork, I love office supplies. I get excited about going to staples. I'm always on the search for good pens, and these are great. They are much finer than normal roller pens which is great because they don't smear as much as other roller pens and they really are comfortable to hold. I also really like the look of them, really compact and sleek with a nice snapping top that comes off and goes back on easily. If you're in need of some nice pens, pick up a pack of these, they come in fun colors too!

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