Tuesday, May 2

I Know Good People

When you are looking for jobs people often tell you- "Its not about what you know, its about who you know." Who knows why, but that popped into my head today and as I thought more about it, it fit my situation quite well.

As what I know gets worse and worse, who I know are better and better. My friends send me daily emails, just checking in, just sending their love, just offering whatever they can do to help. They offer prayers, positivity, strength, love, support and in such unselfish ways it astounds me. My friends welcome plans for me every day of the week, cooking dinners, eating out, playing games, just talking about whatever it is that I feel like talking about. They've really rallied for me.

What I know is a lot of bad news, but who I know have been completely there for me. When I'm feeling down they remind me of how loved I am, how much strength they see in me and much they want to help. And then, I don't feel so down anymore. I feel the love and support instead. It is about who you know.

Thank God for that.

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