Sunday, March 19


Volkswagen says- "On the road of life there are passengers and there are drivers." I know its supposed to excite the drivers out there, attract them to Volkswagen, encourage them to drive VWs.
I own a Volkswagen and prefer to be a passenger, when there is actual driving. Usually I say I don't like driving, but I've come to realize that I don't like being the one doing the driving, and am starting to enjoy being the passenger.

This weekend was the turning point for me. I had my camera out on a car trip and snapped a couple of shots of the typical things you usually drive by and never really look at it. Since I was a passenger I could take the extra time to look at them, through my camera lens, and find the interest in them. One would normally see the wires of a traffic light as blocking the landscape around it, creating a disruption to the nature surrounding the road. Road signs are usually something to glance at and make sure you're following correctly, not a piece of artistic interest to delight you on your journey.

On this particular part of the road of life, I am glad I got to be a passenger.

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