Saturday, February 25


I would say that bagels are one of my weaknesses when it comes to food. I tend to eat them a lot on weekends, and especially when I'm in NYC visiting the Boy (duh!). This past weekend I was there and we were having a late late brunch with friends, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bagel in the earlier morning to tide me over. It was warm, and toasted to perfection and the sesame seeds gave it that extra factor I look for from them. The cream cheese was heavily smeared on- which I always enjoy- I highly dislike how some bagel joints really cheat you out of the right amount of cream cheese aka Brueggers.

Unfortunately it was not my lucky bagel day. First- my description of the bagel is from when it was first ready for my eating, it did not get handed to me until at least 15 minutes after that. At this point it was starting to cool and harden, utterly disappointing. I started to eat it anyway, can't waste a bagel when I have such a good excuse to eat one. Half way through, for reasons not to be outlined/detailed here, I was struck with the need to cry. Crying while eating/in food is never a pleasant experience. You try to muster through without letting it out and keep on plugging through eating- you figure it will distract you from the sadness. However, as you continue to eat the flow of tears do not subside, in fact your throat starts to swell a bit and eating becomes more laborious as you try to hold back your tears. This is when I would consider you are crying in your food. Although tears may not be falling, I still consider it crying because its the eating that is stopping them. This process completely ruins whatever you are eating. You lose your appetite, the food doesn't taste good anymore and all you want to do is sob, not be sitting in a little cafe eating a bagel that's gotten cold.

I haven't wanted a bagel since.

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