Sunday, January 22


They are classic, they are romantic, they are beautifully simple, and yet many women argue that they are too ordinary, too typical and claim to want "special" flowers. I too have been this woman, "Don't give me roses, I want something different!"
Roses have seemed to surround me lately, which is what has made me re-think my position on them.
I got them from a dear friend for my birthday (yellow, pink and white) and it was lovely to have them in the house. Then, the roommates BF dropped them off for her to get when she returned from a trip- they were purple- and lovely and romantic.
Seeing these made me think of the time the Boy surprised me with a dozen purple roses. I was surprised and excited and it may have come off as not as happy as he'd hoped. Regardless- I was. Unfortunately he gave them to me on a day I was traveling and I left them in the car accidentally and they of course died. I've always regretted that. Not only because I made him feel like I didn't like/want them, but because they were gorgeous flowers and I let them die without even getting to appreciate them!
Seeing the purple roses really made me want then again. Seeing the purple roses made me realize, roses are gorgeous, and a lovely lovely gift to receive. They still aren't my favorite flower, but I'll happily accept, appreciate and brag about getting them any day.

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