Tuesday, January 10


It seems that everyone always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
They say that if you skip breakfast you'll eat more throughout the day- now there have been times when I've felt this was true. One of those days where your run around crazy in the morning, setting up for a meeting or preparing handouts which means standing over the copier and collating to paper clip something delicate that can't be stapled, etc and by the time you know it- its noon and you're ready for lunch- and its a free lunch with dessert and hell why not have two cookies- you didn't have breakfast, remember?
Back in high school when it was time to take the SATs they drilled into to us that having breakfast in the morning of was of the utmost importance. Almost saying, "if you want to do well, get into a good school and be successful in life- of all days on this one eat breakfast."
My point is, all these things have really stayed with me. I really make breakfast a priority. If I wake up on the weekend and its edging on the cusp of lunch time and I need to go to the gym- I go later, so I can be sure to get breakfast in.
Sometimes I'll plan days around going out in the morning for breakfast, there are so very many great choices for the morning meal.
Omelets with anything you can think of in them- why is that eggs go with everything!?- Eggs cooked in many other ways with sides of yummy meat (I actually prefer the turkey versions of those meats but know quite a few people who adore the pork versions) and breakfast potatoes (hash browns (with cheese!), home fries, pan grilled mashed potatoes (mmm soundbites style), Bread products that are delicious with butter, jams, cream cheeses, French Toast, Pancakes with berries or chocolate or other fruit... Its all GOOD.

This morning I called Matt to wish him well on his final (leftover from the end of last semester due to the strike) and found myself having this conversation:
"Are you going to have breakfast?"
"What! You have to eat breakfast, you'll do so much better if you do."
"Oh, I have to go- I've got another call coming in."
"Okay, good luck on your final and have a good breakfast!!!"

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